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Thursday, May 31, 2007 Eye to Eye …

Thursday, May 31, 2007 Eye to Eye … Landfills schedules of teachers: Elysium takes the title bar of the Figaro is very explicit … and disturbing. The newspaper said the head of state wants to talk about "eye to eye" with the teachers’ unions. Nicolas Sarkozy has decided to take himself hand on the back and a round table with the various unions of Education along with Xavier Darcos. After consulting the unions in recent days, it was decided to restore the means removed by Decree Robien via overtime delivered in institutions. It was also announced that the teaching profession will be a global discussion in the coming months. But he had to store the text, Nicolas Sarkozy has decided to "talk eye to eye" with the the teacher unions. . Should we worry or rejoice in this presidential will? "What wants the president is to encourage the purchasing power of teachers, encourage them to work differently and better in order to earn a better living," said Xavier Darcos. "But the decrees (Robien) had tend to say "doing the same thing we are going to withdraw a number of benefits and hours that you receive," there is a contradiction to the will of the president (…) C is the president to decide but I feel we’re going instead to the recognition that the device previously decided deserve to be amended, "said Minister of Education at the micro France Inter (dispatch AFP). Continue Reading