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Thursday, May 31, 2007 Eye to Eye … | Herbert & Company

Thursday, May 31, 2007 Eye to Eye …

Thursday, May 31, 2007 Eye to Eye … Landfills schedules of teachers: Elysium takes the title bar of the Figaro is very explicit … and disturbing. The newspaper said the head of state wants to talk about "eye to eye" with the teachers’ unions. Nicolas Sarkozy has decided to take himself hand on the back and a round table with the various unions of Education along with Xavier Darcos. After consulting the unions in recent days, it was decided to restore the means removed by Decree Robien via overtime delivered in institutions. It was also announced that the teaching profession will be a global discussion in the coming months. But he had to store the text, Nicolas Sarkozy has decided to "talk eye to eye" with the the teacher unions. . Should we worry or rejoice in this presidential will? "What wants the president is to encourage the purchasing power of teachers, encourage them to work differently and better in order to earn a better living," said Xavier Darcos. "But the decrees (Robien) had tend to say "doing the same thing we are going to withdraw a number of benefits and hours that you receive," there is a contradiction to the will of the president (…) C is the president to decide but I feel we’re going instead to the recognition that the device previously decided deserve to be amended, "said Minister of Education at the micro France Inter (dispatch AFP). This one, decidedly very active also gave interview to Le Monde in which he said much the same thing. However, note two points. First assertion of caution on the matter (crucial for educational workbooks) of "available": the "must however be careful because it also provides services that contribute to the educational action: device associations school, various support structures. But there is a significant margin of maneuver. This deserves to be considered "Then the desire to reduce spending and achieve" productivity gains "with this statement to me it seems, arouse much comment:". We in the second degree a teacher for eleven students. This does not mean that there are eleven students per class, but we have one of the best teacher ratio in OECD countries. Our school offers is enormous, with a wide variety of options. But they are scattered in all establishments. Keep diversity but to end the fragmentation. "We can also read a fairly complete file on the school board in La Croix. With of course the point of view of private education, but also of the principals and the view of Dubet. The sociologist says there that "inequalities likely to worsen" and proposes instead redrawing some school boards. We can also read in this issue a statement by the Minister where he was in favor that scholarship students choose their institution eye to eye … Good Reading … ————– ——————————– Liberation 31/05/07 Do not spend your first tray By Isabelle Szczepanski teacher-librarian at Baggio college of Lille Our Moroccan student is not in danger in his country … This is enough to expel him. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 31/05/07 Landfills schedules of teachers: Elysium takes the helm the head of state wants to talk "eye to eye" with the teachers’ unions, who demand the repeal of a decree extending their working time. Read more of the article Sciences Po Paris landed at Le Havre Director of Sciences Po Paris weaves its web through France. After Nancy, Menton, Dijon and Poitiers, he opened his 5th Province Havre campus. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 30/05/07 (delay of one day) Darcos wants to sacrifice school mapping Minister reaffirmed his will. The opinion is shared and school leaders fear the consequences of a decision he regrets. Read more of the article RESF denounces the "stubbornness" of the government Undocumented. 200 Network activists demonstrated yesterday outside a school in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 31/05/07 (paying) … chess against school failure MATER HOW school failure? The Academy of Creteil, which includes students from three departments … Read more of the article still oblivious parents about the dangers GAME headscarves … They know, of course. But they do not always realize that it is so dangerous …. More Article ————————— ——————— the Cross of 31/05/07 school map, students parents demanding safeguards the debate on the school map leaves no indifferent. Many families would like to choose the institution for their children Read more of the article Dubet "The inequalities likely to worsen" "The school board sometimes confirms inequality within urban areas. But it is difficult to remove, we must manage the flow of students. If one relaxes the segmentation, allowing 10 or 20% of students to escape without regulating supply and demand will worsen inequalities between colleges judged the best and others. »Read more of the article principals calling for regulation Philippe Guittet general secretary main union leaders, the SNPDEN-Unsa, said he was against any removal of the school map that is not matched of regulation. Read more of the article Catholic teaching does not fear the relaxation of segmentation to Catholic teaching, this debate may be the opportunity to reflect on its participation in the social mix effortlessly More of Article Darcos favorable that scholarship students choose their institution "We can consider that every time scholarship students, for social reasons or merit, ask another institution, they can get it," said the Minister without giving further details. He was speaking in a report broadcast by the public channel. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— 20 minutes from 31/05/07 a robot to monitor recreation they always have an eye in the halls of colleges and they are attentive to the slightest sounds of recreation, who are they? The pawns. A species that may be endangered … At issue: a Korean invention. A school of Seoul will test a robot-pawn to monitor students during recess. Ofro, name of the machine, is equipped with a camera and a microphone, it moves at 5km / h. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Metro (Paris) from 31/05/07 Nothing seen … —————————– ——————- Rue89 31/05/07 Small portrait of the student PTA Yamina (episode III) by Zacharia Dosseur (Teacher ZEP) last Thursday, Yamina knows I arrived an hour before to work in my room. The other students are in, it hits. "Come in." It runs quietly, sits on a chair, provocative MP3 still dangling around the ears, and she collapses in larmes.La week started well for her. But then collapse Read More Article ————————————— ——— West of France … 31/05/07 Nothing seen ————————— ———————- Le Monde 01/06/07 Xavier Darcos: "in September, the number of derogations will be doubled" This is a new freedom that we want to give families. We must defuse this problem. It is a little difficult to manage in large cities with contrasting neighborhoods, but does not arise at all in the primary or in rural areas. I have indicated that between 10% and 20% of students will not be submitted to the school board in September: this is equivalent to double the number of existing derogations. 10% more than in an institution, it’s a few dozen students, this will not cause a great revolution, nor the mess. We will end the opacity, the exemptions granted by relationships. Applications will be more favorably received as from September. And if, moreover, less requested schools lose a few students, we will maintain their teaching methods. But let families realize that we can not accept everything at once. We’ll set some criteria readable. Read more of the article Professional do my homework free
bins deserve sectors of excellence, by Jean-Pierre Boisivon […] we need to create higher education courses designed to accommodate professional graduates by enhancing their gains. These courses should aim to lead by methods and different content to the undergraduate and graduate levels. As the education system saw many symbols, creating a great school that will select the best professionals and graduates that will bring tangible evidence that they can reach a level comparable to that access the best students from general education. In other words, that we can achieve the same level of excellence in different ways and developing different content. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 31/05/07 Nothing seen … ————————————– – the Express.fr of 31/05/07 scarf game: a need for prevention for the first time, an Ipsos survey looked at how parents perceive the choking game, widespread in schools school, which is to compress maximum carotid looking for thrills. Parents are far from having realized the danger Read More Article ——————————— ————————– A selection from 31/05/07 Sarkozy’s dispatches will receive relatives and teachers and should "amend" the decrees Robien President Nicolas Sarkozy will soon receive teachers unions and parents to discuss including Robien decrees should be amended because they plan to work more teachers without payment, announced Thursday Xavier Darcos, Minister of Education . Read more of the article President Nicolas Sarkozy appropriated the sensitive issue of Education President Nicolas Sarkozy has decided to seize the sensitive issue of education by organizing a meeting on June 11 with teachers’ unions and parents who expressed surprise Thursday suddenly being invited to the Elysee. Read more of the article Darcos: "we will put the package" for Teachers Education Minister Xavier Darcos promises, in an interview with newspaper Le Monde on Friday that the government will "put the package on the situation moral and material for teachers. " Read more of the article autonomy of universities: methodology and calendar gives Pecresse Minister for Higher Education Valerie Pecresse announced Thursday the university community, it has established three working groups that will make their synthesis on June 22 the future law on university autonomy. Read more of the article university presidents: yes to autonomy but "no two-tier" University presidents recalled Thursday at the end of a round table with Valerie Pecresse, Minister higher Education that university autonomy, which they support, can only be "two-speed". Read more from the article "scarf game": a parents’ association pulls the alarm The "choking game", which involves holding breath or tighten the neck unconscious, is a practice more widespread than we imagine and would cause many accidents, according to the first survey on this game presented by a parent association. Read more of the article autonomy of universities: the unions concerned to "maintain public service" unions of faculty and staff warned Thursday after a roundtable with Valerie Pecresse, they will remain "challenging "on" respect for the foundations of the public service "in the context of the reform of the University and of all of their autonomy. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, May 31, 2007

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